Hottinger Bank & Trust Limited

Lyford Manor, West bay Street

P.O Box CB- 13012

Nassau, New Providence


tél: +1 (242) 362 7000

fax:+1 (242) 362 7007


Hottinger Bank and Trust Ltd (Nassau):

Hottinger Bank & Trust Limited is ready to provide clients with made-to-measure solutions from its extensive range of personal services including portfolio management, trusteeship, fund and investment administration, as well as fiduciary services.

From a financial standpoint, the Bahamas possess an exceptionally attractive regulatory cli-mate, based on a sound legislative structure. The region's political and economic stability, combined with its geographic location, are decisive advantages. Furthermore, the Bahamas also offer other essential requirements such as the preservation of banking secrecy in a regu-lated and supervised environment.

Whatever your needs may be, Hottinger Bank & Trust Limited can provide a tailor-made response: skilled portfolio management, financial engineering (trusts, holding companies etc.), real estate investment vehicles and other specific personal requirements, as well as fund and investment administration services for institutional, private and family clients.

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